Ten Hot Movie/TV Sex Scenes

by Sarah on September 7, 2011

I have to confess that I am probably one of the absolute worst bloggers ever. Is it because I don’t have anything to say? No. I am a writer after all. My problem with blogging is finding the time to do it and remembering what it is I wanted to blog about three days ago when I thought of that perfect blog topic but failed to write it down.

I tend to have too many things going on all at once—as probably do most of us—and never seem to have time for the extra fun stuff, like blogging.

On that note, I thought to myself, what would be a fun topic to not only blog about but to research. Hmmm. I know. Sex. Since I spend a lot of my time writing about it, why not find some of the hottest scenes from movies and TV so that I can enjoy some visual pleasure and justify scanning through a gazillion sex scenes on YouTube since it is for research, of course.

To make a long story short—shorter : ) –I sacrificed several hours *clears throat* of my time to note some of the most memorable and powerful sex/love scenes in movies and TV.

I’m not claiming that these are “the” hottest of hot scenes, but these are some of my favorites that made my heart pitter patter and caught me up in the moment. Now to be quite honest, I tend to enjoy the more intense scenes where emotions are running hot, wild and crazy.

For an added bonus, my amazing and telented friend and fellow author, Tatiana Caldwell is doing a dual post of Top 10 Favorite Romantic Scenes. Follow this link, Tatiana Caldwell’s Romantic Scenes to view some more awesome movie/TV love scenes.

Enjoy and CAUTION: These are for adult viewing only. If you are easily offended by hot sex, turn back now.

Note: All of the links to these scenes were up and working fine as of this post, but as we all know, YouTube is notorious for jerking things off their site within a second after viewing something. I hope they are all still up and running for you all.

10. Meet Jo Black
Brad Pitt & Claire Forlani

This scene is what I’d call more sweet than intense hence its spot at number ten, but it made it’s way on my list because I was simply caught up in the extraordinary job Brad Pitt did of “convincing” me that this was actually his character’s first time. It is spot on to how I imagine a man’s reaction might be the first time.

Meet Jo Black

9. Halifax: Afraid of the Dark Australian Series
Hugh Jackman & Rebecca Gibney

First of all, if you don’t want to watch the whole scene and only want to see the good stuff, forward on to about 2:30 mark. I have to confess, I had never seen or heard of this series before seeing this clip, but my goodness did it fire my blood. Not only because I think every “older” woman—and I say older loosely because it is very obvious to me that Rebecca is at best only a few years older than Hugh, not even close to being old enough to be his mother—only ever fantasizes about getting a man that looks like Hugh Jackman into their bed (yes, I think the man is hot—if you don’t, get glasses), but I loved the way Hugh allowed his character to be “handled” so well by the older, more experienced Rebecca’s character and obviously enjoyed every minute of it.

Halifax: Afraid Of The Dark

8. The Man Who Cried
Johnny Depp & Christina Ricci

Again, this is not one of the most out there sex scenes on my list, but for some reason—hmm, could that reason be Johnny?—it really drew me in. I think it was a combination of a few things. One, the way Johnny’s character parades himself in front of Christina’s character showing her exactly what she’s going to get; two, the way you can tell exactly what he’s after from the very beginning, and that he’s going to get it no matter what; three, even though he seems to realize she is fairly innocent to the game of sex, he knows she still wants it; and four, the way he calls her bluff and refuses to allow her to have time to chicken out. Oh, did I mention that it was hot too that he got what he was after and seemed to thoroughly enjoy getting it? Loved the expression on his face and the emotion involved with both characters. (There’s a little bonus scene at the end if you’re up for it).

7. Atonement
James McAvoy & Keira Knightley

All I can say is wow. This scene captured me, and made me feel as if I were there in the room and could actually feel the chemistry of these two. The “I know we shouldn’t be doing this, but I can’t help myself from doing it” factor sucked me right in. To me, love should always be powerful enough to bring you to your knees : ), no pun intended. Keira and James were astonishing together.

6. Brokeback Mountain
Heath Ledger & Jake Gyllenhaal

This scene was one of the best, no probably the best, male love scene I’ve seen. I’m sure there are plenty others, have seen plenty others, but none have ever invoked the intensity like these two for me. It’s another one of those, “I shouldn’t be doing this, but I can’t deny it any longer,” moments. I wasn’t for sure if they were going to fight or f*ck, but when I realized they were actually going to do a bit of both—well more one than the other—I was lost to their obvious “forbidden” chemistry. It’s raw, hot, real, so male and sooo sexy. Again if you don’t want to watch the whole scene and just the action, forward on to the 1:15 mark.

5. Monster’s Ball
Billy Bob Thornton & Halle Barry

This clip was actually a tip off from a friend. I’ve never seen this movie because quite frankly I’m just not that in to Billy Bob (shoot me if you must, but it’s my prerogative). This is definitely an emotional ride as I’m sure most of us have either had drunk sex or have had a friend who’s filled us in on that one night of abandoned drunken sex. Am I condoning alcoholic induced sex? Sure if it’s with someone you know, would or have had sex with before, and you are a consenting adult. Do I support it where alcohol is used to take advantage of another person? Absolutely not—well unless Hugh Jackman or Johnny Depp would like to get me drunk and take advantage of me—then I’m all for it.

4. The Tudors
Henry Cavill & Gabrielle Anwar

Not only did I enjoy this series immensely, but my oh my did it have some hot sex in it without overtaking the story line as a lot of the historical series do. Don’t get me wrong, it had plenty of sex, but it wasn’t what the whole series was about. I had to include this scene because Henry Cavill has got to be one of the hottest male specimens I’ve seen in a long time. He’s quite the playboy on The Tudors, but hell, with a face and body like that I guess I’ll let him slide. He wasn’t completely without morals, but he obviously knew what he was doing, practiced it a lot, and his partners liked it as well. Again, if you don’t want to watch the whole scene and get straight to the action, forward to about 2:2O mark.

3. Disclosure
Michael Douglas & Demi Moore

I really don’t think I need to say much about this seen, but that I was not convinced at all by Michael’s character’s try at playing like he didn’t want it. While there isn’t actually intercourse going on in this clip, it’s no less hot. Trust me.

2. Fatal Attraction
Michael Douglas & Glenn Close

Yes, Michael made it to spot three and two on the list, but he deserves it. This scene from Fatal Attraction will forever be burned into my mind, has been burned into memory since the first time I saw it. While I really detest cheaters, this depicts that first time one feels that chemistry with another person that could peel wallpaper off the walls with the steam it gives off. Unfortunately, that kind of attraction usually doesn’t amount to love, and more than likely ends up biting one in the ass. But you know its got to be fun while it lasts—well until the bitch tries to kill you and boils your kids bunny. Again, if you don’t want to see the entire scene, and only see the good stuff, forward on to about the 6:00 minute mark.

And, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the crown jewel, number one.

1. A History of Violence
Viggo Mortensen & Maria Bello

This is one of the best, hottest scenes I’ve witnessed that shows that intense “I hate you, but I love you,” make up sex. What can I say about make up sex? We should all have it, every day—okay, okay, once a week then. Viggo and Maria do a fantastic job on portraying their characters’ emotions. I was sitting on the edge of my seat during this one, and immediately hit rewind to watch it again when it was over (actually I may have hit rewind more than once). All I can say is this would be worth all the bruises I’m sure she ended up with on her ass.

A History of Violence

I hope you all enjoyed my list, and please feel free to email me your favorite hot scenes or post them in the comment section.

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